Dream Demon Kids Costume

Nightmares to RealityHas this ever happened to you? You’re taking a little snooze, and some devious creature enters your dreams. The creature looks like a hideous monster from the depths of the underworld… and it wants to feast on your soul! You try to run, but it’s gaining on you. Then, suddenly, you wake up. It takes a second, but you realize it was just a dream. You take a deep breath, and remind yourself that dreams can’t hurt you…Now, imagine that situation, but your child comes strolling into your room wearing this Dream Demon Costume! It’s a look specifically designed for kids to help bring those nightmares to life. How fun?!

Product Details
This child costume starts with a bodysuit that’s made out of a spandex blend material that stretches to fit. The exterior of the suit has printed details, which make your child look like some kind of evil creature from a nightmare! The sleeves end in attached gloves and the feet are also fully enclosed while wearing this costume! The costume also has a hood, which covers the entire face and head, and even has a printed skeleton face on the front.Finally, the light-up glasses fit over the eyes to produce an extra eerie effect. It’s a great choice for any kid looking to bring a touch of malevolence into the neighborhood!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray & Red

Material: Polyester


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Dream Demon Kids Costume

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