Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume for Kids

MASTER OF MASTERSThere’s a ton of chatter in the geeksphere about who is the most powerful fighter of all times. Folks love to put that caped Superdude in a contest with Goku. Who could carry the heaviest weight? Statistics about warships and even planets get thrown around until it is time for a philosophical comment about the emotional burden they carry on their shoulders and, eventually, a winner is named… until the next time the Internet wants to argue about it, anyway. But, no matter what power level Goku might wander around the world with, you can’t ignore how he ever even got there! We can’t let anyone forget about the strange little island-dwelling vacationing hermit that really made our hero Goku (and everyone else on the team) into the warriors they would one day become! We all owe a great debt to Master Roshi, the turtle shell-wearing weirdo who mastered the iconic Kamehameha Wave and set Goku on his path to near godhood!

Design & Details
With such an epic character, how could our in-house team of designers not dedicate their time to create this amazing Master Roshi costume for your kiddo! This is a Made By Us costume that features his iconic look from the Dragon Ball Z series, including his alphabet and triangle print shirt, pair of white shorts, and a giant turtle shell (that also functions as a backpack for your child). Finish off this officially licensed look with a vinyl bald cap and his long master’s beard and your kid is going to be ready to blast bad guys to kingdom come!  WATCH OUT FOR LONG EPISODESWhen your kiddo wears this child Master Roshi costume, they’ll be feeling pretty amazing right away and may want to practice some new martial arts moves. If you spot them standing in one spot for a long time, just remember that DBZ requires a few episodes to really charge up, so they’re just playing to character really well!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Orange & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume for Kids

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