Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Kids Costume

Saiyan SafetyIt starts simply enough. A game of rock, paper, scissors for example. But that might progress into Kamehameha. And if thats just kids’ stuff, well its only a matter of time before Spirit Bombs start popping off at playtime. Luckily, every heros origin story comes with a few safeguards. Proper training, a set mission or lifelong goal, and a sweet uniform.Whats a uniform got to do with minimizing the erratic powers of a young Saiyan? It lets the world know the child is in training and with whom. The color or style may alert people to the potential, if unintended, dangers the wear presents. But most importantly, it leaves a lasting impression. You’ll be ready to teach your little Z Fighter in the powerful techniques that Goku used in Dragon Ball Z, along with the strong moral code that keeps him on the side of good!

Design & Details
Your child is ready to become Earths greatest defender in our officially licensed Dragon Ball Z Kids Goku Costume. This Made By Us costume was designed by our in-house artists to perfectly capture the look from the iconic Akira Toriyama Series. The costume comes with the basics every Turtle School youngster needs before training starting with a pair of orange ruched pants. A tail attached to the pant makes them recognizable as a Saiyans while the elastic waistband helps keep them in place during acrobatic maneuvers. A matching tunic has kanji reading kame printed on the front and back to mark your child as Master Roshis student. Complete the look with the tie-on belt and hook-and-loop closure wrist cuffs. Worn with our Goku wig, your kiddo is sure to fulfill the Saiyans legacy in a fun and safe way! Defending the EarthOnce your child has this classic outfit on, it’ll be his sworn duty to protect the Earth from baddies! From Emperor Pilaf to King Piccolo, your child will have the style to take on any devilish anime villain!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: S

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Kids Costume

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