Dr. Seuss Grinch Kid’s Velboa Pants

Green-Eyed MonsterLetting go of his fears and jealousy and letting himself become part of the society of Whoville was the hardest thing the Grinch had ever done–until they came and told him that he would have to change his wardrobe. He loved his green pants so much, but the Whos were right when they said that he smelled like year-old garbage and wet dog. Begrudgingly, he relented.Now, imagine how mad he must be to see these pants coming into fashion this year! On the other hand, he might just be excited to replace the fond memories of lounging around in his trash palace in these pants with new experiences of lounging around Whoville in them!

Product Details
Finding the perfect way to finish off your Grinch costume is as easy as getting your hands on a pair of these Kid’s Dr. Seuss Grinch Velboa Pants! These perfect pants have all the movie-accurate colors and textures of the real Grinch, but without the greasy feeling and, if you believe the song, the abominable stench. You will love these warm and comfortable pants not just for their quality, but also for their comfort. We cant promise that they will keep you warm at the summit of Mt. Krumpit, but they should do the trick anywhere else!

Brand: FUN Wear

Gender: Male

Size: L/XL

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Dr. Seuss Grinch Kid’s Velboa Pants