Down The Rabbit Hole Girl’s Costume

Oh No, I’m Late! There’s so much to do today! A duchess misplaced her gloves and fan, there’s a random race going on and getting in the way of the Queen’s croquet game (she’ll definitely be cutting someone’s head off), soldiers are painting rose trees, and the Cheshire Cat won’t stop vanishing long enough to ask it questions. It’s a mess – but you’re prepared to deal with it. It’s just another day in the wacky, wonderful land where you live (as long as you stay out of the Queen’s way, anyway. And don’t mention the tarts.) 
Product Details
Take a trip to an upside-down wonderland when you wear this Girl’s Down the Rabbit Hole Costume! The outfit includes a cute-as-a-button dress designed to look like three separate articles of clothing. The top of the dress is made partly of blue velour with elbow-length sleeves ending in pastel plaid trim and white ruffles. It elongates into two tails in the back and has a wide lapel to make it look like a suitcoat. A pastel plaid inset trimmed with large pink buttons and a ruffly shirt inset is sewn beneath the velour to resemble a vest. The bubble-style miniskirt is made of shiny satin that poufs out beautifully. White fingerless gloves keep your paws covered and a pre-tied bow tie choker fastens around your neck. Top it all off with a mini blue top hat complete with pastel plaid trim and rabbit ears! Time for FunGrab your pocket watch! Time is never what it seems down the rabbit hole, but that’s ok: If you’re always on time, you might never have gotten involved in all of the adventures! 

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Girls

Size: L

Color: Blue & Pink & White

Material: Polyester

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Down The Rabbit Hole Girl’s Costume