Donut Costume for Toddlers

Daybreak DelightIs your toddler a morning person? For some reason, kids under the age of five usually are. It’s like they can’t quite keep their excitement in for the next day. You know the gig. They jump on your bed looking for cuddles and kisses and soon enough, they’re looking for breakfast as well. This might be charming but we have to say, it makes mornings nice and long. Tiring, yes, but at least your new long mornings leave time for glorious morning activities. You get to watch the sunset. You can listen to music, all while your little toddler keeps you company. And if you play your cards right, you folks might even have time to head out for donuts. Now, isn’t that a sweet deal?

Product Details
This soft, shiny donut costume is sure to make everyone around you hungry for some sweets. The tunic slips over your child’s head for an instant, easy look. Your kiddo can wear their own clothes underneath to make them stay comfortable. The donut look is covered in bright pink frosting with sprinkles on top. The velvet texture keeps this soft and the color is sweet. This costume is perfect for Halloween, fundraisers, or any other costumed events that might come your way. Sprinkling in the SweetnessAre you ready to stir up some happiness? We can’t think of any better way than introducing a walking, talking donut. Looking for a way to bring the rest of the family into the mix for a veritable parade of desserts? We have sweet treat costumes in all sorts of styles and sizes to make sure any costumed event stays sweet. And while you’re sure to feel your tummy rumbling after a while, it’ll all be worth it for sweet, sweet memories that’ll stick around for years to come!

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T/4T

Color: Blue & Yellow & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Donut Costume for Toddlers

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