Disney Toy Story Toddler Mr/Mrs Potato Head Deluxe Costume

A HUNDRED LOOKS IN ONE!When you think about it, most of the characters of Toy Story are working with a pretty hefty disadvantage. If they want to try to convey their feelings to Andy, Bonnie, or any of the other human characters that populate the world, there isn’t much of a way to do it! It isn’t like they can be particularly expressive when they are made of plastic or porcelain! But, that’s where Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have solid strengths! With a quick flip of the eyebrow, they can go from a happy “let’s go for it” attitude to one of “you aren’t going to put me in there, are you!?” A bright smile says that they love the new Buzz Lightyear companion. Flip that over for a look of utter horror to let Andy know he should rethink the games he’s playing! And, if they just can’t watch the scary movie for a second longer, they can always ditch their eyes until the spooky parts are over! 
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Thankfully, the ever-changing looks of the Potato Head family can belong to you and your kids, too! This Mrs. and Mrs. Potato Head costume is a deluxe and officially licensed look from Toy Story fame. This is an easy jumpsuit with ears sewn onto the side. Your kiddo can place the eyes, mouth, nose, and other character face parts all over the costume as desired with hook and loop connections to create whatever look they want! KNOW WHAT THEY’RE THINKINGThanks to the Potato Head family’s ability to reshape their faces on a whim, your kiddo can let you know how they feel with a quick change, too! Candy Bar treats for Halloween? Happy face! The brand new kale and asparagus wraps? Well, they might just hide their mouth for that one! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Black & Brown & Red

Material: Polyester

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Disney Toy Story Toddler Mr/Mrs Potato Head Deluxe Costume

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