Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Inflatable Kids Costume

NEVER FORGET LEG DAYFor a guy that spends most of his time in zero gravity, we have to wonder how Buzz manages to keep his physique in such mighty shape! Sure, we understand that some of his bulky appearance is due to that space armor that’s working to protect him from space lasers and space exposure and space… demo mode? But, no matter how protective that armor may be, Buzz still has to be pretty buff to fill it out the way he does!  So, how can we possibly hope to help our youngsters truly fill the shoes of the leader of the Space Rangers? Well, there aren’t any mysterious space pellets to instantly transform them into space bodybuilders. We could certainly hit the space gym for the next few years and get there but that seems like overkill. Calling Zurg to come down to Earth and provide the threatening inspiration to make it happen is a risk that we just can’t take. We’ll just have to take a deep breath and figure this one out!  

Product Details
Eureka, if that’s not just the perfect answer! Help your kiddo become Buzz Lightyear and really fit into that larger-than-life suit of space armor with this officially licensed Inflatable Buzz Lightyear costume! This jumpsuit has elastic at the ankles and wrists so it will fit snugly. It is printed to look just like Buzz’s own set of armor and the hood gives your tyke the finished look. But, when you activate the fan, the whole suit will puff up, giving your kiddo the look of the genuine article (and keep them feeling cozy, too). NO PAIN; INSTANT GAIN! There is no need to send your kiddo into conflict with the Evil Emperor Zurg when they can fill out Buzz’s space armor in the flip of a switch! Now, if only we could get that jetpack to work as easily… 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Purple & White

Material: Polyester Foam


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Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Inflatable Kids Costume

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