Disney Moana Flower Costume Headband Accessory

There You Are! Do you like to dance with the water, the undertow, and the wave? The island might give you what you need, but there is a whole ocean out there and you are ready to explore. Who knows what mysterious wonders you will behold? The water is mischievous, and you are ready to play! If you are into the island life as much as we are, youre gonna want to get the officially licensed Moana Flower Headband. It will help you past the reef to explore the sea.

Product Details
We think that this Moana Flower Headband will make the perfect final touches for your Moana costume! This cheerful headband features a bright colored crown that has fabric leaves and bright beautiful blossoms. No island queen would be caught without one! How Far Will You Go?So, youve help restore Te Fitis Heart, calmed the seas, and finally got Maui to stop singing after he found his magic, nice work! Its time to take your place on the throne. Every queen needs her crown, and for you thats the Moana Flower Headband! This officially licensed crown will give your Moana costume the authenticity it needs. Everyone at the party will recognize the chosen one when you arrive with your Moana Flower Headband.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Pink

Material: Polyblend


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Disney Moana Flower Costume Headband Accessory