Disney Kid’s Vampirina Costume

New Vampire on the BlockMoving to a new place can be super exciting! You get to explore a fresh neighborhood, enjoy the local customs, and experience the thrill of discovery. On the other hand, you also have to navigate making friends and feeling a little out of place for a while. Being the new kid on the block can be tough – and it’s even more so when you’re a vampire! Not eveyone understands that you’re not just going to say “hi” and immediately suck their blood. That would be so rude! Maybe your new friends and classmates will be a little scared of you at first, but they’ll soon realize that you and your family are the friendly sort of monsters – and stylish to boot!  

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Make the transition from Transylvania to Pennsylvania look easy and awesome with this officially licensed Children’s Disney Vampirina Costume! You’ll definitely be the best dressed at your new school in a charmingly spooky purple dress with a stiffened bat-winged collar, faux-jacket detail, and a printed-on tie and bat tie clips. The three-quarter length sleeves are trimmed in gold-colored fabric to match the skull and bone detail on the skirt. The dark purple skirt’s hem has a scalloped hemline that mimics a bat’s wing and is printed with spiderweb detail. The matching headband has black bat wings.Vampires Are Friendly! Who says that all monsters are the bump-in-the-night type? Some, like Vampirina and her family, just want to get to know the local humans. It doesn’t matter if you’re ten or one hundred years old: Everyone needs to have some good friends!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: S

Color: Black & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Disney Kid’s Vampirina Costume

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