Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Dash Muscle Costume for Toddlers

IT WAS JUST A LITTLE ACCIDENT!So, your kiddo was in the other room and suddenly there was a moment of silence.  Your super-parent ears picked up the danger immediately.  A quiet kid means disaster.  But, no matter how fast your legs can carry you, a tyke’s trouble is always going to be just a hint faster.  Was it a crash that came after?  Perhaps the blinking of lights before the house lost power?  Maybe some kind of haunting moaning that filled the house and you with dread?   Either way, accidents happen.  Fortunately, nobody got hurt.  But, who could possibly predict the crazy superpowers that your kiddo would develop after those mysterious moments.  Heck, it’ll be a decade before they’ll even admit what they were up to that caused the whole room to look that way after you go there!  But, the point is that now you’ve got a superpowered speedster in the house and you’re going to need to adapt to those changes. FUN DETAILSOf course, we can help.  With our in-house Edna Mode, we’re ready to assist with all your supertyke needs.  This Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Dash Muscle Toddler Costume is just the thing to support your kid’s newfound strength and speed while maintaining peak fashion sense.  This iconic red and black jumpsuit features the Incredibles insignia on the chest and a keen eye mask to protect your wonderkid’s identity.  All you need now is the rest of the family gear and the villains better beware!DASH TO A BRAND NEW LOOKKids grow at a rate that can only be explained by superpowered physics.  That also probably explains the collateral damage toddlers can create!  If you’re finding that your tyke seems to be breaking the sound barrier, perhaps this Incredibles 2 Dash Muscle Costume is just the thing to help your little one keep their newfound powers in check. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester

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Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Dash Muscle Costume for Toddlers

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