Disney Aladdin Live Action Boys Genie Costume

He’s Got the Power!What would your child do with the infinite powers of a genie? Can you imagine it? Would your little one use their amazing abilities to abolish homework once and for all? Would they make an unending supply of chocolate chip cookies appear before your very eyes? Would they use their power to wish for that brand new video game that they’ve had their eyes on? Maybe they could use their newfound powers to help a down and out buddy, like Aladdin! That would be the best thing to do with crazy powers like that!Well, now you can find out how your child would handle being a Genie when you dress them up in this Genie Costume from the Aladdin live action movie. It might not give them any sort of supernatural powers, but it will help them look like the movie character!
Product Details
This officially licensed Genie costume comes with everything your child needs to transform into the character from the movie. The costume comes with a royal blue robe with tons of gold accents. It features an attached green shirt underneath. The pant legs have a baggy style and they are a bright blue color that complements the top. Finally, the headwrap is a matching blue color and features a gold emblem attached to the top. It all combines for a look that mimics the style of Genie’s outfit from the Aladdin movie.Granting WishesYour child can feel what it’s like to be the one and only Genie from Aladdin with this costume! It’s perfect for any young fan of the movie, or any kid who wants to grant wishes. Of course, this outfit doesn’t come with unlimited power, so your child might only be able to grant some of the easier wishes…

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Blue & Purple

Material: Polyester

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Disney Aladdin Live Action Boys Genie Costume

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