Diego the Sabertooth Tiger Costume

THE TURN-AROUND HEROMaybe the best part about being the type of character that starts out a villain and becomes one of the heroes is that they get to participate in the whole story.  You know how the heroes are usually center stage and running around, doing all of their quests and growing strong together, of course.  But, eventually, the story pans that camera away and heads over to the lair of the baddies.  Maybe there’s a song and dance.  Maybe just a lot of plotting.  But, it’s all bad guy time!  Of course, if you’re both, you get to be the star for both of those scenes!   Sure, your audience might scowl and growl a bit at your deceptive qualities but they also are cheering for that part of your heart that is slowly softening to the rest of the heroes.  They know that you’re going to realize who your real family is and ditch the biggest bad at the last moment and help the heroes win the day.  And the best part?  You definitely get to have the coolest name in the crowd!  

Design & Details
Show the world that your kiddo deserves center stage all the time when they gear up with this officially licensed Diego the Sabertooth Tiger Costume from Ice Age.  Our all-star team of in-house designers have braved the prehistoric chill to perfect this exclusive Diego look which includes a dark orange and tan two-tone minky bodysuit that zips up the back.  The matching gloves and boot covers have elastic and a rubber sole, respectively, and curved vinyl claws for that authentic tiger look.  The headpiece is a plushy construction with Diego’s printed eyes and a furry mane on the back.JOIN THE HERD FOR GOODYour tyke is going to love slipping into the ancient past and letting out a roar as Diego.  Whether they enjoy the limelight on their own or pick up a couple friends in Sid and Manny costumes, too, your little tiger will have a great time stretching out their claws for some Ice Age fun. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Diego the Sabertooth Tiger Costume

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