Devilish Diva Children’s Wig

Hair DeVilDoing stunts is one of those professions that sounds really great right up until you have to do it. It looks so cool to jump over twenty cars on a motorcycle until you are sitting at the top of a fifty-foot ramp that looks nearly vertical from your perspective. Getting shot out of a canon is fun until you are packing the gunpowder in before the shot!That is why the smart people choose to become Hair DeVils instead of Daredevils. Instead of leaping and running on a moving train, you just try on crazy wigs. It is preferable by far to sit in a comfortable salon chair and have them give you blue highlights than to climb the outside of a skyscraper! Both professions are good and necessary, but of the two, the Hair DeVil is the wiser.A Hairy SituationIf you are looking for the perfectly cookies and cream way to enhance your costume, then this Devilish Diva Child Wig is the perfect way to do it. The black and white wig comes with a slightly wavy styling, but you can curl it, straighten it, or style it in whatever way you want! It is the perfect way to show how much you love fashion and dalmations!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Girls

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & White

Material: Faux Hair

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Devilish Diva Children’s Wig

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