Desert Beauty Girls Costume

Play the TambourinePerhaps your child watches Aladdin over and over, acting out all of Jasmine’s scenes. Or maybe they saw a belly dancer once, and it was mesmerizing to watch. Your child doesn’t need a replica Jasmine costume to get that iconic, billowing but shapely fashion! This detailed, elegant costume hs us dreaming of hot deserts, date palms, and dancing. If your child loves Jasmine’s style but wants a slightly different take, then show her this Girl’s Desert Beauty Costume. It could be the perfect solution!

Product Details
This black mesh and purple costume is all about the details. The short top has black and gold detailing along the neckline and hem, with wispy black mesh acting as sleeves, as well as hanging from the hem. The high waisted pants are wide legged, and both purple and mesh layers gather the ankle They also have gold details on the waistline. The headpiece is a simple gold braid, with more mesh falling from the back. Add some flashing earring and bangles for more decadence, and pair with sandals. If you’d like a set of finger symbols, like the ones the model is using, check out our website! Arabian NightsEven if Halloween is a bit cold where you live, or the costume party is during a chilly month, this costume will bring the hint of a hot, dry breeze wherever it goes. Whether your child is playacting as royalty or a dancer, we know they will have a blast in this outfit!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Purple

Material: Polyester


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Desert Beauty Girls Costume

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