Descendants 3 Uma Classic Costume for Girls

Royal Child of the OceanEverybody loves a good anti-hero! Ursula’s daughter, Uma, moves from antagonist to anti-hero when she teams up with Mal and her Auradon Prep crew in the third installment of The Descendants. Her tough front hides a soft interior, and she joins with Mal when a new enemy enters the picture. With her bold words and determined attitude, Uma has a lot of good qualities, even when she sometimes doesn’t use them. Kid fans of the film series will love all of the details in this Descendants 3 Girls Uma Classic Costume.

Product Details
This suit is a single piece, with closures at the back. A mix of polyester and spandex keeps the fabic stretchy, so your child can comfortably playact as the seafaring teenaged captain. From the short mesh sleeves to the speckled pattern on the jacket collar and leggings, no detail has been overlooked. The rippling hues of teal and brown are sure to delight your little Uma wannabe. While the wig is not included with purchase, we do have the exact wig available for sale on our website! All that’s left is to find a pair of black boots (or teal, if you’re feeling fancy), and the look is complete. Sail the Candy SeasNow that your Uma is all kitted out and ready to go, it’s time to go adventuring! Uma is always on the move, so sail the high seas of your neighborhood this Halloween as you trick or treat. Uma may be a bit of a trickster, but in this case, she would probably choose candy every time. Because everyone, whether they are a hero, villain, or anti-hero, wants a little sugar in their life. So forget your alliances for now; the citizens of Auradon and the Isle are free to mingle tonight!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 14/16

Color: Brown & Green

Material: Polyblend


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Descendants 3 Uma Classic Costume for Girls

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