Deluxe The Littler Mermaid Ariel Wig

Disney HairDisney princesses have some of the most wonderful musical numbers out there in the world. Their timing is perfect. Their notes squeeze our heartstrings. And all the while, their hair is perfect! Their perfect styles are what dreams are made of. Their hair blows smoothly in the breeze without a tangle in sight. When we go swimming, we can’t seem to pop out of the water without half our hair plastered over our eyes. Not so with Ariel. When she lifts herself out of the water on a seaside rock (you know the scene) her hair is iconic. Does your little one want that famous Disney hair to pair with her Ariel costume? This gorgeous red wig will help make the iconic images in her mind come to life!
Product Details
This red wig is instantly recognizable. The red tresses fall around the shoulders just like Ariel’s does. Slightly wavey, the Ariel style would look right at home alongside the ocean. Fitting toddlers to kids that are 12 years old, this wig is going to be a staple in your dress-up wardrobe. Pair this with a Disney Ariel costume and your child will be ready to break into their favorite Little Mermaid songs!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: One-Size

Color: Red

Material: Faux Hair

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Deluxe The Littler Mermaid Ariel Wig

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