Deluxe How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Costume for Kids

Welcome to BerkIn this town, Vikings work hard, play hard, and above all, they fight dragons (until they learn better! ). There are many different dragons of all shapes and sizes, but there is one that is rare and hardly ever seen. He’s dangerous, he’s adorable”yep, everyone knows Toothless, the beloved Night Fury of DreamWorks Animation! Toothless and his human friend Hiccup forge a bond in the first movie that brings dragons and people together, and that is something to celebrate. Let your child show off their favorite cuddly dragon in this Deluxe How to Train Your Dragon Child Toothless Costume!

Product Details
It isn’t easy to capture all of Toothless’s wonderful details, but this suit covers them all with five separate pieces. The dragon hide is a polyester fabric that shows off the scaly texture of the jumpsuit. An attachable foam tail connects to the back of the suit. As a separate piece, the wings also use touch fasteners to grip the suit at the shoulders and wrists. With their arms extended, your child’s new wings will billow in the night air, ready for flight. Black mitts cover the hands while leaving the thumbs free, perfect for carrying a Halloween bag or bucket. Complete the look by adding Toothless’s adorable face mask!  Take to the SkiesThis Toothless costume will have your child swooping about the house in no time, eager to get outside and try out their imaginary flight skills. After all, a Night Fury is most at home in the dark. So grab your candy bags, put some black shoes on Toothless, and head out into the Halloween night. Your little dragon is ready to take on the world and hunt for their own hoard of gold: a glittering pile of candy, the spoils of the holiday evening!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Deluxe How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Costume for Kids