Deluxe Gen 1 Transformers Optimus Prime Costume

Autobots, Roll Out!Optimus Prime and the Autobots never fail to overcome their adversaries. From evil humans and corporations to Megatron and his cronies, the Autobots fight every fight with all their hearts. They take their role as the protectors of humanity very seriously, and that is why we humans need to do our part to help them too. We can do a lot for them that they can’t do for themselves!For example, grime fighting. When the Autobots get back from a mission, they are consistently covered in oil, grease, and dirt stains. We can pamper them in luxurious comfort by giving them the car wash that they desperately need! We can handle the oil changes, the buffing and waxing, and the tire rotations that keep our friendly protectors operating at maximum capacity. Besides, in the long run, it is far cheaper to spend the money on maintenance than it would be later as emergency spending. Wise spending and maintenance are what the Autobots are all about, right?Transforming LivesLuckily, this Transformers Optimus Prime Deluxe Gen 1 Costume is so high-tech that you will never need to get a single car wash or oil change. The jumpsuit zips up the back, so you will feel snug and secure in the costume, and the foam pieces make you look just like the transformed Optimus Prime! The molded plastic mask fits comfortably with and elastic band around the back, so you don’t ever have to worry about it flying off in the middle of a fight.The First, The BestIf your child wants to be Optimus Prime, this deluxe costume is about the closest you can probably get! It has all the details and design that will delight them as they roll out to fight the forces of the Decepticons!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Gray & Red & Blue

Material: Polyester

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Deluxe Gen 1 Transformers Optimus Prime Costume

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