Deluxe Frog Infant Costume

asdfOnce upon a time, a wicked witch turned a prince into a tiny, hopping frog. But instead of being sad, the way she thought she would be, he was thrilled! He had already loved bath time, splashing and mud puddles in his human state, and his sudden transformation let him play in the water all of the time. Now the question becomes: Should someone change him back, or should they just let him enjoy his new splash pad? 

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No enchanted royalty has ever looked as sweet as your little one will in this exclusive Deluxe Frog Costume for Infants! The green jumpsuit is made of soft and snuggly polyester velour. It fastens up the back and features snaps along the inseams for easy diaper changes. The belly is gently stuffed with fiberfill to give it a rounded appearance. Mitts and booties keep your frog’s fingers and toes warm. The headpiece fastens under the chin and is sewn with soft-sculpted frog eyes. Croaking Cutie This Halloween, everyone will be excited to see such an adorable frog out and about for trick-or-treating! Usually by late autumn, all of the frogs are getting ready for a long winter’s sleep, but your little amphibian is still bright-eyed and interested in the world around him. Not that it would be a bad thing if he decided to take an extra-long nap every so often. Your particular breed of frog appears to have night owl tendencies. Why would anyone sleep when they could be playing? That’s the real question. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Green & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Deluxe Frog Infant Costume

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