Deluxe Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume for Girls

Taking OverEvery group needs a strong leader. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your own little cowpoke has the gumption to stand up and get things done. When it is time to plan for a meal, she is always adamant about what kinds of things would make everyone happy. And who can deny the fact that an ice cream buffet would be pretty amazing! ?All right, so perhaps some of the ideas need a bit of work, but it takes time to evolve into actually taking command of the group. That’s why we love Disney and Pixar’s Jessie so much. As Woody goes into the sunset of another story, Jessie is finally ready to take over!

Design & Details
Help your tyke take over the role of a lifetime when you offer up this officially licensed Kid’s Deluxe Disney and Pixar Jessie costume! Our Made By Us design team wrangled this look together, inspired by the signature style of the cowgirl who won all our hearts.The ensemble begins with a jersey shirt that ends in fringed cuffs. It is printed to take on Jessie’s iconic blouse, so you have no struggle with layers. The pants continue the easy Jessie transformation, printed with a denim and cowhide style. Felt at the knees and a faux leather belt completes this style and the cowgirl hat tops it off! All your cowpoke needs to supply is the yodeling skills.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Blue & White & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Deluxe Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume for Girls

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