Deluxe Child Costume: Daddy Shark (Blue)

And the Winner Is…Is there some kind of award for “Easiest Song to Memorize?” Because we think we’ve found it. There are only ten words in total (and that’s including the made-up word “doo”) in the world’s deadliest earworm tune, the Baby Shark song. If you have anyone under the age of 14 in your household, this song may haunt your dreams at night. Even teenagers are not immune to its catchy beat, and sometimes it comes home with them! No one is safe, so just give in. Let your child revel in their favorite song with this Daddy Shark Deluxe Child Costume!

Product Details
In the viral music video, Daddy Shark is a royal blue shark, so this costume stays true to that design with a soft, blue jumpsuit. A little white on the tummy and lower jaw (and for the teeth, of course! ) adds some visual interest. The tail and fins are bolstered with foam to help them hold their shape and stand away from the costume. No dealing with awkward headwear for this outfit, because your child’s arms become Daddy Shark’s head. Hands turn into a teethy maw, which your child will love chomping about. No arm or leg is safe! This costume has a secret weapon, too”the ability to play the Baby Shark song, with the aid of a few batteries (not included). Install them at your own risk!  One More TimeIf your child loves Baby Shark, then what are you to do? This is the perfect costume for that upcoming party or for Halloween. We have to admit it; as much as we like to groan about the song, part of us likes it. Why is that? Maybe because the song is so lighthearted and easy to sing with little ones…and because it’s so memorable!

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Unisex

Size: XS

Color: Blue & White

Material: Polyester


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Deluxe Child Costume: Daddy Shark (Blue)

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