Deluxe Brown Toddler Dog Costume

ANIMALS AND CHILDRENIt seems that no matter where you go, these two kinds of creatures are lumped together.  The entertainment industry warns never to work with furballs or kiddos.  Too unpredictable, a storm of chaos.  And, anyone who has kids and has friends without them has been through this one.  Folks are always comparing having pets to having kids!   Talk about your tykes getting into stuff and, inevitably, you’ll hear, “Oh, yeah, my dog does that all the time! ” Well, rather than strangle the world for this faulty comparison, you can lean into the false equivalency and get both types of cute all at once.  Just imagine your little kiddo crawling around on the floor, making little woof noises and demanding to be pet.  Actually… there’s a really good chance that your kid already enjoys pretending to be a dog, so that might not be much of a stretch of the imagination for you.  Even if that is the case, we can help make it even more a reality. 

Design & Details
Give into all your tyke’s demands for a furball by turning them into one with this exclusive Deluxe Brown Dog Costume.  This jumpsuit is a high-quality and custom-made look hand-crafted by our pet-loving in-house designers.  And, if that wasn’t enough hyphens for you… well, we don’t have any more.  But, we do have this unique fur jumper:  brown with black tips, and a satin ribbon collar, too!   The gloves and boot covers transform your tyke’s hands and feet into paws while the hood pulls on to hug their head and provide two pointed ears.  Get ready for a dog-gone good time.  (Oh, hey!   A hyphen! )ADORABLE x2Your kiddo is already the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  But, so are adorable puppers.  Get ready to reinvent adorability when you combine the two into pure puppy perfection with this Deluxe Brown Dog costume for toddlers.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Brown & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Deluxe Brown Toddler Dog Costume

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