Deluxe Brown Boot Tops for Kids

Worthy of a QuestWhat would you do if a wizard knocked on your door and insisted that you were the only one who could stop a terrible villain? Well, obviously you would accept the quest, but you’ve read enough books and seen enough movies to know better than to charge off unprepared. You’d have a satchel full of supplies ready to go, and you’d slip into your sturdy boots before setting off to save the world. 

Product Details
Meet adventures head-on when you wear this pair of exclusive Deluxe Kid’s Brown Boot Tops! Made of dark brown faux leather, the slip-on accessories secure under each foot via an elastic shoe strap. Gold decorative buttons are attached at the ankles and the cuff laces can be tied as desired. Fancy FeetPirate boots and traveling bard footwear can be in short supply these days, but never fear. You can turn the shoes you already own into accessories worthy of Ye Olden Times. Whether you’re planning a buccaneer costume, a warrior princess outfit, or a elven mercenary getup, these boot tops have you literally covered!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown

Material: Faux Leather


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Deluxe Brown Boot Tops for Kids

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