Dazzling Disco Girl’s Jumpsuit

A Disco DivaIf she’s learned a bit about history, she’s probably intrigued by the manic disco craze of the 1970s. The outlandish singers. The amazing dancing. And the glitz of sparkling sequins! Disco music might not have had much staying power when the fad faded away, but when it comes to vintage costume parties, 70s costumes are always a top choice because of sparkle and shine, along with the bell-bottoms and funky jumpsuits! If she’s ready to give re-living the disco era a spin, we’ve got a great costume just for her. Have her slip on this Dazzling Disco Jumpsuit for girls, and she’ll be an instant disco diva!

Product Details
A downright dazzling disco sensation. That’s what she’s about to become when she gets this Girl’s Dazzling Disco Jumpsuit! This sparkling outfit includes a jumpsuit and wristlet arm sleeves. The black jumpsuit has an iridescent effect as it is fully finished with sequins of multiple colors. It has a zip-up front with a wide collar, and the tank style cuffs feature silver trim. The pants legs feature bell-bottoms below the knee, of course, to truly match the iconic style of the disco era. The sleevelets have a loop that slips around a finger and they go up to the elbow to finish the dancefloor-ready look. Pictured jewelry and accessories sold separately.Going RetroWhether she’s got a costume party to go to or is going retro to hit the trick-or-treat circuit, the 70s style of this Disco Jumpsuit will be unbeatable. But, of course, the fun can be multiplied if she coordinates the look with her friends or siblings. Be sure to shop our entire selection of 70s outfits to get the whole crew outfitted in glam!

Brand: Forum Novelties, Inc

Gender: Female

Size: S

Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Dazzling Disco Girl’s Jumpsuit

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