Dashing Deer Costume for Kids

When the Clip Clop DropsWe don’t usually think about deer being stars. In fact, they usually aren’t. Their favorite thing is to nibble on grass and bark while keeping an eye out for hungry predators. But once a year, deer start to get some real respect. They walk through city streets at night, peering into the frosty windows of shops, and point to all the reindeer products, whispering that their time has come. Sure, all of them can’t help Santa’s sleigh fly. Some of these excited deer aren’t even reindeer. But they’ve got the hoofs and the horns so they feel special. Want to show the deer in your neighborhood that you appreciate their big-eyed, vegetation munching ways? Dress the kiddos in your life in high-quality deer costumes that can be worn for Halloween as well as seasonal skits.

Design & Details
This fuzzy, soft deer costume is cold weather ready. Created by our in house designers, this jumpsuit zips up the front and has a shaggy faux fur mane. An over-sized hood has a tiny plastic nose and expressive eyes. It’s topped with giant ears with a pink lining and structured antlers for a stand-out profile. The cutest part, in our humble opinion, is watching the fuzzy white tail as your child bounds around! In Leeps and BoundsWondering how to make sure your family shows up the merriest and brightest this holiday season? No one will doubt your Christmas spirit ever again when your kid rocks this reindeer costume. With this costume in their closet, your child will listen for the clip-clopping of reindeer hooves on the roof with extra visions of sugar plums in their head. Because they know something that other kids don’t. They’ve got insight on what it’s like to actually be that reindeer. Now that’s the spirit!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Yellow & White

Material: Polyester


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Dashing Deer Costume for Kids

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