Cute Devil Costume for Girls

Trickster TreatWe know what you’re thinking: “Cute devil” is an oxymoron! But think about it…really think. Your little one is as mischievous as she is sweet, as cunning as she is caring, as feisty as she is fun-loving! You have a cute lil’ devil of your own, right under your own roof. No, no, no…we’re not saying your child is evil. We’re simply mentioning that all kids have a bit of a naughty side from time to time”just ask Santa! ”but that doesn’t make them any less adorable. In fact, we’re kind of partial to the troublemakers. We like a kid with spunk and style. That’s why we’ve created this Child’s Cute Devil Costume to fulfill your kid’s burning need for a stellar Halloween Costume! It’s perfect for your little imp. It captures classic Halloween flair in a fresh way, all in a cute costume that’s easy to wear.

Design & Details
This isn’t just another devil costume, no way! This exclusive look pairs the fiendish, fiery details of a timeless devil look alongside the laid-back, comfort of your kid’s favorite hoodie. Made by Us and meant to please your…ahem…princess…this costume features a zip-up hooded dress with a cool jagged hem and long sleeves. The hood has black devil horns, and the dress features structured wings and a pointed tail adorning the back. Now, tell your kid to get out there haunting; Halloween only lasts one day, then it’s time to hang up her pitchfork! Red-y, Set, GoOf course, your child is more sugar than spice, so this costume should be a fun change of pace for her! Remember, this is a cute devil costume”cute being the operative word. Just make sure she understands before she gets too far into character and sets out to destroy the neighborhood. Oh, and snap a few pictures; she’ll only be your lil’ devil for so long.   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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Cute Devil Costume for Girls

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