Curious George Infant Costume

So Many QuestionsEven before they know how to ask “Why?” over and over (and over and over), you can tell that your little one has curiosity to spare. You see it in their eyes every time they reach for a new object or point at something that sparks their imagination, or grab a family member’s nose. Everything is new and fascinating! They have something really big in common with a certain little monkey who finds the world outside his jungle to be irresistably entertaining. 

Product Details
Your curious cutie will be irresistable when they wear this Curious George Costume for Infants! The unisex jumpsuit fastens at the back of the neck and is made of soft brown polyester brushed knit flannel. Elastic in the wrists help to keep your baby snug and warm. The jumpsuit’s enclosed feet are made of creamy yellow fabric and feature anti-skid soles. The included brown flannel hood fastens under the chin and is decorated with fabric ears, a fabric “cowlick,” and embroidered facial features.Adventure Is Everywhere Curiosity might not mix well with cats, but it certainly makes a little monkey’s life more interesting! Your baby can explore their world in freedown while wearing this adorable costume. Hopefully they won’t end up climbing a street lamp or lead the police and the firemen on a wild goose chase, but even if they do, they’re so cute that nobody will mind. Get yourself a Man in the Yellow Hat costume or accessory kit to create a themed family look!  

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Male

Size: IN

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Curious George Infant Costume