Cuddlesaur Toddler Costume

C-RexA narrow beam of moonlight shines through the clouds and into your room. Filtered through bare tree branches, the shadows create an eerie mood. As an impressively loud gust of wind rattles the windows, you know a fall storm is coming. But not just outside. The first flash of lightning strikes, and you hear it. Soft but heavy steps shake the hallway. When thunder follows the flashing, those gentle stomps turn into a muted racing. It’s coming. Craving snuggles. Seeking comfort. The cuddle-saurus rex! Your toddlers charge through your bedroom door, blanket in hand and eyes so wide they nearly glow in the moonlight. Theres no stopping their climbing onto the bed and even less to be done when they pounce. Theyre on you, fingers gripping your arms tight. Their sweaty heads nuzzle into your neck; cuddles imminent. But before you can fully process the situation, your little ones are snoring next to you. With their snuggle-cravings sated, you can relax, and the approaching storm can do its thing without any fear of waking your sweet, sleeping dinos.

Design & Details
Dress your snuggle monsters for the part with this exclusive Toddler Cuddlesaur Costume! The easy-to-wear costume comes in just two pieces. The super-soft blue jumpsuit has elastic cuffs at ankles and wrists to help keep it in place for plenty of cuddles. Meanwhile, snaps at the front of the costume make getting in and out quick and easy. Complementary orange spots, soft spines, and a sculpted hood with button eyes are attached to give the suit the look of a dinosaur. A tail attaches at the back with a hook and loop fastener strip to complete the costume. Voila! A polished look thats perfect for Halloween and remove to keep your toddlers comfortable while sitting or playing.Jurassic NapWhether your dino-obsessed toddlers are itching to trick-or-treat or explore the jungle of your front yard, this Cuddlesaur Costume is for them! Get them geared up for a stomping good Halloween and playtimes right out of the Cretaceous period in the Made By Us jumpsuit. After a good romp through the neighborhood or playroom adventure, theyll be ready for a Jurassic-sized nap full of dinosaur dreams!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Blue & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Cuddlesaur Toddler Costume

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