Cruella Red Dress Tween Costume

Brilliant, Bad, or MadTo say your tween has strong opinions would be an understatement. They’re not afraid to tell you if that t-shirt is bad or you’re mad for wearing those! The favorites in your closet are free game for critique. Based on what’s hip today and “appropriate” for their parents to wear, your style and tastes are put to the test by your precocious pre-teen. Even your beloved Disney characters get a once, twice, and trice over before a reluctant approval or declaration that they’re actually brilliant because of those flaws! So, you were surprised when your tween came to you and asked to do a family costume for Halloween with none other than a Disney theme.Huge fan that you are; you were excited to plan the look together. But this isn’t your momma’s Disney costume. The costume your child has in mind is all about the villain with looks that could kill but proves not all stories are black and white.Product DescriptionHelp your tween unleash their fashionista side with this Cruella Red Dress Costume! This officially licensed costume is based on the 2021 version of Cruella De Vil out with the spots and in with the bold color! This floor-length dress is fitted through the torso and flares at the knees to create a mermaid style that shines in its vibrant red color. The stylish dress also features a decorative collar that looks as fiery as your tween’s and Cruella’s personality. Paired with a posh black and white wig and edgy flats, this look is ready for runway or trick-or-treating.Cruella ApprovedYou don’t need to give up your favorite over-worn graphic tee just because your child called it old. But we do recommend following their lead when they’re dictating the family costume, especially if it involves this Cruella Red Dress Costume for Tweens. Fashion-forward and family-friendly, this look with your favorite Disney-inspired pups or henchmen will create a Halloween look that even the brilliant, bad, and little bit mad Cruella would love!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls


Color: Red

Material: Polyester

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Cruella Red Dress Tween Costume

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