Crossbones Kids Pirate Boots

Yo Ho Hoedown! There’s gotta be something about being on the open sea that has those pirates ready to shake their boots. (And we don’t mean being afraid, either! ) Not only do you have the sea shanties that can get anyone ready to sing, but the planks of those big boats are just begging for some foot-stomping fun! Of course, if you’re going to get your pirate dance on, you better be geared up for the job. That whole “no street shoes on the gym floor” rule is just as important out in the seven seas! (If you don’t believe us, just ask Peg-Leg Sam! )

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Fear not, our mateys. We’ve got your back. Or, rather, we’ve got your feet thanks to these Crossbones Pirate Boots for Kiddos! These are a pair of costume boots that zip down the side and feature embroidered designs to bring out the very best in pirate style. The classic skull and crossbones design are on the front of each boot flap and textured soles make sure that your tyke will be safe and secure with every step. Pair these with a pirate costume for an awesome adventure.A Skip in Their StepNot every pirate needs to be a spooky, scurvy soul. In fact, when they are equipped with this pair of stylish Crossbones Boots, your lads and lasses will be known for their savage style!  

Brand: Ellie

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & White

Material: Faux Leather


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Crossbones Kids Pirate Boots

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