Crab Kid’s Costume

A CRABBY CONUNDRUMCrabs are pretty weird critters. It’s tough to nail down exactly what is and what isn’t a crab, sometimes. Let’s start with the King Crab and the Hermit Crab, for example. Pretty hard to argue with the most notable part of their name, right? Well, apparently they aren’t real crabs! We suppose that finding shell homes to carry around excludes them from the official membership to the Crab Kingdom!  Speaking of royalty, we figured that one of the most famous ‘crabs’ in all of history wouldn’t lie… but apparently, all of his duties putting together undersea musicals had the famous composer forgetting that he was actually a lobster. Then, to make things even more confusing, we’ve got aquatic crabs and land crabs. “Okay,” we said, “at least that means we’ve got some clear separation,” but it turns out that even those land-loving crabs still have gills, so they need water… but not too much water or”get this! ”they’ll drown. Well, it is time to call in some help from the public on this!  

Design & Details
It is time to finally identify the truest qualities of our curious crustacean. With this Crab costume for Kids, we can figure out all the details of the crabby critter. Our avid animal auteurs on our in-house design team have put together this Made by Us costume that’ll be fun and quite the unique look for their dress-up desires. Start with a bright red jumpsuit that zips up the back and has two pairs of ‘legs’ on the side. The orange and red shell is worn like a vest and has a wider back. Mitts and shoe covers give your child some crabby grabbers while the foam headpiece features two cute crab eyes and completes this transformation! THEIR TRUE COLORS! Okay, this bright red and orange crab costume might not reveal any secrets of semi-aquatic life, but it is going to be fun watching your kiddo perform the side-step and will give you a chance to ask them, “Why are you so crabby today! ?”

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Crab Kid’s Costume

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