Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit Girl’s Costume

Perfection SpottedHere at HalloweenCostumes.com, we find ourselves in the extraordinary position of needing a reason to design certain costumes. In October, you may find yourself in a similar situation while listening to your child explain why they should get to dress in the costume they have in mind. As such, youll probably agree that theres nothing better than hearing the case for looks that are sure to be winners. Take, for example, the dalmatian. Theyre a popular dog breed because of their spotty coats. It doesnt hurt that theyve starred in a few beloved movies. However, as if that werent reason enough to whip up a wide range of dalmatian costumes, the elegant dogs are a surprisingly perfect Halloween choice.Initially bred for hunting, your child dressed as a dalmatian is a natural trick-or-treater! The breed eventually became carriage dogs that trotted alongside carriages to protect the precious people and cargo inside. As a former trick-or-treater yourself, you understand the importance of carrying your candy safe and keeping fellow trick-or-treaters with the group. And, oh yeah! Did we mention their popularity? Theyre movie stars! No. Icons! And their dappled coats are beyond stylish any time of year!

Design & Details
Make this Halloween a marked occasion with this Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit Costume! Your child will be ready to hunt for all their favorite Halloween treats in the easy-to-wear hooded one-piece that keeps them as mobile as ever. Made from a dalmatian-spotted Minky fabric that can be worn as a single layer or over another, theyll have some warmth in the chilly October air. A soft-sculpted tail is attached to the back, while similarly made ears are stitched to the hood, making your childs transformation complete and hassle-free. Secure the included red collar for extra polish! Choice CaninePutting together a dalmatian group costume thats fit for a hundred or so? Oldest kiddo wants to be their younger siblings trick-or-treat protector? Then this Made By Us Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit is for you! Complete that dalmatian sensation or get your child looking the part of doggo-defender when you order this exclusive costume!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit Girl’s Costume

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