Cozy Brown Bear Girl’s Costume

Snug as a BugWe love bears because of how interesting they are. They have so many sides. Sure, one side is a ferocious predator, but the other very important side is a big cuddler. Think teddy bears and bear hugs: So many wonderful things are bear-related. They’re also known to be loyal and family-oriented and they love playing in the forests with their friends. Plus, they love sweets. Honey and bears go hand in paw, and we respect anyone who goes to such lengths to find a delicious treat. No matter what kind they are – polar, panda, brown or black – bears are the best!  

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 Of course, we haven’t talked about the absolute best thing about bears: They’re adorable! Once you see this exclusive Cozy Brown Bear Costume for Girls, we think you’ll agree that it’s the cutest costume in the world. The soft, plushy dress ends just above the knee and has a big brown pocket for holding your honey pot, or any Halloween treats you collect. A sweet attached hood is sewn with two big ears. The dress also features two big bear paws sewn to each wrist that can be slipped on or off to suit your needs. Un-Bearably Cute If you love Halloween more than a grizzly bear loves a hollow tree full of honeycomb, then you know how important it is to have the perfect costume. Get your paws on this comfortable dress, and there will be no turning back. It’s so snuggly and sweet that it’s like wearing a big bear hug!   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Cozy Brown Bear Girl’s Costume

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