Cow Onesie For Kids

Moooooooover and ShakerLet’s say you want to dress up as a farm animal for Halloween this year. A cow is a great option to choose. They give us milk and cheese and all the yummy foods we love, all while looking super cute. Would it be a complicated costume, though? You don’t have cow ears, or a pink snout, or tail, so you’d have to find those. Or you could just pick a cow outfit that combines all these things while being easier to put on than your favorite pair of pajamas!  

Product Details
Look awesome and be snug as a bug at the same time in this Cow Child Onesie! The one-piece outfit buttons up the front and is made of soft, white fleece fabric printed with a pattern of black spots. A long tail finished with a black tassel is sewn to the seat, and the belly panel is made of pink fabric to resemble an udder. Rib knit cuffs lock in warmth. Pull up the hood to reveal soft-sculpted & embroidered cow features!  Old McDonald Had a Cow (Sort of) This cow onesie is a great choice for costume parties, school events, or even just lounging around the house. It might even fool cows into thinking that you’re one of them so that you can watch them up close. Just kidding. We’re not sure that would actually work. But you might be able to fool younger siblings into thinking that a cow is loose in their bedroom. 

Brand: Joyin

Gender: Unisex

Size: S

Color: Black & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Cow Onesie For Kids

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