Cotton Candy Costume for Kids

Welcome to the County Fair What’s the one treat that you always have to get whenever you go to a fair or a carnival? It’s a tough question when there are so many tasty options. You’ve got corn dogs, buttered and salted popcorn and deep-fried everything: pickles, snack cakes, even cookies and candy bars! But the real winner is any flavor of cotton candy. You can’t beat something so airy and perfect. 

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Sugar is sweet, and so are you when you wear this exclusive Girl’s Cotton Candy Costume! The outfit includes a sleeveless pullover tunic made of pink polyester jersey fabric. It’s sewn all over with layered rows of ruffled pink tulle that resembles the swoopy swirls of the delicious treat. The hat is just the icing on the cake: A crown of more pink tulle ruffles is topped with a soft felt cone that is printed with pink polka dots. Soft straps are sewn to each side and can be fastened under the chin. Pair the costume with your favorite set of pink tights!  Sugar Rush One of the best things about eating cotton candy is that it doesn’t fill you up! You can gulp down a cone bigger than your head and still have room for more. That probably won’t be true of your Halloween candy, but that doesn’t matter. You’ll have so much fun collecting trick-or-treat candy while dressed as candy yourself that you’ll still have a wonderful time. What are you waiting for? Sugary goodness is calling your name!   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T/4T

Color: Pink

Material: Polyester


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Cotton Candy Costume for Kids

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