Colonial Lady Girls Costume

Getting by in Colonial times was much tougher than it is today, but those settlers did what they had to do to make new lives for themselves. If you have a daughter who just can’t get enough American history, this Colonial Lady Costume is her chance to step into the role of a pioneer girl! A colonist’s day started long before the sun came up. These days, breakfast can be served up in just a couple of minutes, but back then you had to milk the cow, build fires to cook on, make bread dough from scratch, collect eggs, and the list goes on. And then, once everyone was fed and the dishes were done, it was time to start the real work! Baking, cleaning, sewing, helping to raise children, farming. We’re exhausted just thinking about it, and the hardest thing we’ve done today was wait five minutes for our morning latte! How they managed to get so much done while also dressing so classy amazes us.Your daughter will look ready to take on all of an 18th century day’s challenges in this modest and fun looking dress, complete with an attached ruffled apron that matches the collar and elastic cap. It’s a great look for reenacting daily life from that time period, in a play, pageant, or a festival. And luckily these days, she can have the appearance of a girl from colonial times, while still getting to sleep in once in a while!  

Brand: California Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: White

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Colonial Lady Girls Costume