Colonial Kid’s Costume

I Cannot Tell a LieAre you ready to help your little dude learn about the first president of the new United States, George Washington? Has your little guy already read the biographies? Does he often dream of marching with minutemen in funny uniforms? Or does he simply appreciate history? We have a thing or two for him, then! Its one of those funny uniforms! In fact, its an entire ensemble: a jacket with an attached vest, pantaloons, a scarf, and, of course, the iconic tricorn hat.

Design & Details
Synonymous with Revolutionary War-era style, few know it was borne out of mere practicality. In rainy weather, it both protected the persons face and funneled water out of the back, over ones shoulders. While raingear has evolved quite a lot since then, you can still procure this signature style with our exclusive Colonial Kids Costume. Because its one of our Made By Us costumes, you can sleep well knowing that each stitch was tended to with care, much like the early colonial farms. The fabrics are faux suede and satin and the jacket comes equipped with decorative buttons at the center-front and two false pocket flaps. The pants come with a neat elastic waistband and cuffs that end just below the knees. And finally, we put a wire in the tricorn hats brim edge to maintain shape. Doesnt that sound nice? We think George Washington would be proud. Who knows what will happen. Maybe it will be the first step in a long journey toward the United States presidency!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Yellow & Green

Material: Polyester


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Colonial Kid’s Costume

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