Colonial Girl Costume for Kids

The Old DaysLet’s set the scene. Buckle shoes, straw floors, and close living quarters. There are herbs hanging from the rafters, veggies in the root cellar, and a fire roaring in the fireplace. Is your daughter ready for a trip back through time? Make sure she’s ready. Tell her to pack some snacks, food was tighter back then. Bring some baby wipes too, now that we’re thinking of it, bathing wasn’t really a thing. Other than that it should be a pretty amazing experience! There would be picturesque landscapes with lush forests and rolling fields. There will be people working together to make sure everyone is fed and warm for the winter. Hey, some of these people actually lived in the same house with their cows. Hey, the cow kept them warm and gave them easy access to fresh milk so it was a win-win situation. Now that we think about it, why doesn’t your little one dress up as a colonial girl and head out to one of those reenactment towns, that might scratch that time travel itch.

Product Details
Not everyone wants to go back to the past and learn how hard it is to churn butter, but your girl is sure to have a better appreciation for Colonial times when she goes in this classic Colonial Girl costume. The base is a royal blue costume with an ankle length skirt. The top has three-quarter length sleeves with a white wide bell finish. The bodice has faux corset detailing and a lace edging around the neck. Finish it off with the lace-edged apron and traditional white hat and the look will be complete. The role will be all hers when she gets this costume for costume play or a historical recreation!

Brand: Forum Novelties, Inc

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Blue

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Colonial Girl Costume for Kids