Clyde Kid’s Costume

An Outlaw in the MakingDoes your kid have a rebellious streak? Does he find ways to break the rules, every step of the way? Does he constantly cook up plans for the next big heist? Does he talk about all of the sweet loot he’s going to get his hands on? Well, it sort of sounds like your little one might be ready for the life of an outlaw. In fact, he might just be ready to take on the role of one of history’s most infamous gangsters.With this Clyde Costume for kids, your child can become a notorious outlaw! The costume is a Made By Us design inspired by 20s outfits that will have him ready to lead the gang in style. He’ll be hatching a brand new scheme in no time!

Design & Details
This Clyde costume starts with a pair of pinstripe pants a pair of suspenders included, which attach to the waist. The suspenders have metal buckles and adjustable straps, so you can get a comfortable fit for your young gangster. The necktie can be used with any button-up shirt, so you can use a shirt from their closet to complete the look. Finally, the costume comes with a fedora-style hat, which has a light tan band around the crown. Put it all together and your child will have those big boss vibes that any heist needs! Teaming Up with BonnieOf course, if you want the heist to go over without a hitch, then your little one will want to team up with Bonnie! We carry plenty of great Bonnie and Clyde style costumes in kids’ sizes! Just dress up a friend as Bonnie and we’re sure everything will go smoothly! We even have adult costumes, just in case you plan on joining the gang yourself!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: S

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Clyde Kid’s Costume

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