City Slicker Pigeon Kid’s Costume

City GuideAh, the big city! There’s always something new to discover. One day, you’ll go to your regular park and this time there’s live music, making your day more magical than you expected. Or there might be a new empanada stand on the way home from work. Or perhaps you discover a shortcut that takes you past a little secret garden where the public can pick their own pears. See, the city is full of surprises and that’s just as a boring ol’ human being! Imagine what the city would be like if you could travel as a pigeon for a day! You could watch people go by from the tippy-top of a statue, only leaving your spot to grab free food when some chump drops his french fries. You could strut along the highest point of the bridge at sunset, without any fear of falling. Are you ready to view the city in a brand new light? This City Slicker Pigeon costume is where it’s at!

Design & Details
Your kid is sure to love dressing up in this Made by Us Pigeon costume. Designed by our own in-house creative team, the unique look features a soft gray jumpsuit with wide wing-shaped sleeves and a matching tail feather. The costume secures up the back with hook and loop fastener strips. Complete with a pigeon hood and orange pigeon feet shoe covers that slip over whatever shoes are most comfortable, this costume is ready to strut the streets as soon as it arrives at your door! Pecking OrderWhen choosing a bird costume, the pigeon is going to be a lot more fun than the majority of its feathered friends. Fearless urbanites, they’re always strutting right where the action is. Looking for a costume for the whole family? Collect the whole flock! We have costumes for kids and adults! Order your pigeon costume today and the city will be yours!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Gray & Orange

Material: Polyester


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City Slicker Pigeon Kid’s Costume

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