Christmas Classic Whoville Girl Costume

Holiday Highlight! So your child’s class is going to have a Christmas party, eh? You know what they’ll bring for the teacher’s present and what kind of treats you can bake that will be a class favorite. But what kind of outfit is right? Last year, you got the kiddo ready in a Santa suit, thinking they’d be a hit, but that unique take was met with a host of other Clauses! Of course, there is no need to switch schools and move to a new district just to stay fresh and free of a too-similar style. All you’ll need in a holiday look that is sweet and singularly special. Fortunately, our Made By Us design team has been inspired by Dr. Seuss’s beloved holiday tale and we have an exclusive look just for you!

Design & Details
Your little cutie’s next holiday party will start out right with this Kid’s Classic Christmas Girl costume! The pink dress is made of soft velour and features cute scalloped edges along its collar, sleeve cuffs, and hemline. It also comes with a red velour-covered plastic headband wire antennae with ribbons that will look simply Who-riffic! The extra holiday addition comes in the form of the red 20-inch diameter foam-backed ornament accessory. You can stuff it filled with tissue or fiberfill to give it shape, ensuring your kiddo’s holiday look is the biggest one at the party.A Perfect Party Look! With a look inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic sweetheart, your little Christmas Kid will be set up to be the star student of the school. Who knows? They might be looking to recreate the look for every other holiday, too!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & Red

Material: Polyester


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Christmas Classic Whoville Girl Costume

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