Child’s Play Toddler Chucky Boy’s Costume

What A Little DollIt can be a challenge to dress your kids for Halloween. Sometimes, they just don’t want to be the cute puppy or a Minecraft character or a football player. Sometimes, their personality pushes them to…something different. Something darker. Maybe it’s the creepy smile they give you sometimes. Or when they wake you up in the middle of the night by staring at your face until you wake up. It could just be that weird laugh. Whatever they do to remind you of a living doll of terror, this costume will hopefully harness some of that (or remind you that things could be a lot, lot worse.)

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I mean, this is a pretty cute outfit. Your kiddo might even want to wear it around the house or to school. As long as you don’t send them with the prop knife, everything should be good, right? And don’t worry, the foam knife is completely harmless. It would be pretty safe to say that no other kid will be dressed in the same outfit. Add a poufy red wig and some makeup freckles for added horror. This Child’s Play Toddler Chucky Boy’s Costume has everything you need to dress your kid as the true spirit of Halloween.Bring It In For a HugNeed to find a cute costume that still strikes fear in the hearts of many? It’s child’s play! It may look like a simple shirt-and-overall situation, but for those who know, it’s so much more.

Brand: Jerry Leigh

Gender: Male

Size: 2T

Color: Blue & Multi & Red

Material: Polyester


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Child’s Play Toddler Chucky Boy’s Costume

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