Child’s Play Chucky Toddler Costume

Just Want To Be FriendsComing into preschool, you had some trouble making friends at first. You thought that it was just that you were new, but then you realized that everyone was new. It was the first day of school for everyone. Then you thought that maybe it was because you have that inhuman, evil glint in your eye that makes people afraid of you.Then you discovered that it was none of that. What stopped you from having friends was actually the fact that your style was just so amazing! Your overalls and striped shirt just made everyone jealous of your amazing sense of style. Classic Chucky!Monstrously AwesomeLooking like the scariest toy on the shelves is not easy, but you will be sure to succeed when you wear this Child’s Play Toddler Chucky Costume. The overalls and long-sleeved shirt are just like the ones worn by Chucky in the movie, complete with the crazy pattern all over it. Finding the perfect occasion to wear this costume will be easy, since you can wear it all year round. Since it clearly says “Good Guys” on the front, no one would think that you are dressed as that creepy toy, right?Toys Scare UsIf you are looking for the perfect costume to show everyone that your toddler is creepy, then you are in the right place! This chucky costume will be sure to scare anyone who even glances at them. Just make sure you don’t spend too long playing with the other kids or Chucky might get angry!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Blue & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Child’s Play Chucky Toddler Costume

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