Child’s Mountain Goat Costume | Exclusive | made By Us

Goat StageEvery kid goes through a goat stage. Dont believe us? Well, just answer some of these questions and see if you change your mind. Does your child feel the need to climb EVERYTHING in your home¦ sort of like a billy goat? Does your child munch on snacks like a grazing animal¦ almost as if they had more than one stomach? From time to time, does your child make unintelligible noises that sound almost like a farm animal? Any of those traits could be a sign that your child is going through the goat stage of childhood.Dont worry. It passes. Eventually, they will turn into a teenager and then theyll go through the angst-filled years! So, enjoy the goat stage while you can. You could even dress them up in this adorable goat costume to celebrate it!

Design & Details
This childs Mountain Goat costume is an exclusive costume that transforms your child into a goat! The costume comes with a white jumpsuit thats made of creamy faux fur. It has a fluffy tail attached to the back and it even has black hand covers that are designed to look like hooves. The pant legs have matching shoe covers that look like hooves. The jumpsuit has a front zipper, so getting this costume on your child should be a breeze. The costume also comes with an adorable hood that finishes your childs transformation into a cute mountain goat. It has a cute goat face designed into the front, including a pair of large eyes and a little nose. A pair of horns and ears adorn the top.Baa-Some TimeOnce your child is all dressed up like a little mountain goat, hell be ready to hop around on the furniture, head trick or treating to fill one of his many stomachs, or maybe hell just be ready to have a baa-some time!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Beige

Material: Polyester


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Child’s Mountain Goat Costume | Exclusive | made By Us

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