Child’s Care Bears Classic Funshine Bear Costume

THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTAll the Care Bears have somewhat unique powers. They’re pretty much all related to bringing cheer and light to the hearts of those around them, but each has some other signature power, too! The Great Giving Bear is pretty much a teleporting Santa there at Care-A-Lot while Bedtime Bear can give people sweet dreams. Share Bear can talk to animals and Wish Bear can occasionally channel that inner genie to delightful results!  Now, it might seem small by comparison, but Funshine Bear has the ability to bring light into any situation. Sometimes that just means helping folks find the fun in a dreary situation. (Think Mary Poppins without the obligatory sing-a-long.) But, he can even beam literal light to help everyone find their way. We take that light for granted, sometimes, but think of the last time you stubbed your toe walking through a dark living room!  

Design & Details
Channel that light for your child with this classic kid’s Funshine Bear costume, officially licensed from Care Bears. Our in-house design team put this look together to bring the whole team together. This jumpsuit is bright yellow and super comfy, so your little one was bound to love it even before we added the white patch and smiling sun belly badge. Heart patches are on the mitts and the rump and the hood pulls up to reveal Funshine’s smiling face embroidered along with soft-sculpted ears. That means you get two smiles for the price of one! (And even more after you get a look at your kiddo in the costume.) A REAL CARE BEAR STAREWhile your child can team up with more Care Bears thanks to the other kid’s costumes we feature in our exclusive line, Funshine Bear might be one of the best options. Just think: add one flashlight to the look and suddenly that belly badge can actually work!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Child’s Care Bears Classic Funshine Bear Costume

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