Children’s Plush Fox Costume

Friendly FoxWe often think of foxes as being sly tricksters, especially in childrens books. When they appear in those stories, theyre usually portrayed as the villain, or at least as a character who isnt able to be trusted. Foxes in real life can be pretty stealthy. They usually tend to act this way because theyre solitary creatures who want to avoid humans, not because theyre always getting into mischief! However, when your kid puts on a fox costume, we just know theyll suddenly feel like the life of the party. When theyre wearing a cozy costume like this one, theyll want to show everyone around!

Design & Details
We created this Plush Fox Costume for Kids so your little one can be their favorite animal whenever they want. This soft jumpsuit features a hood and attached mitts and foot covers so your child will look like this cute creature all the way from head to toe! The mitts flip back to free your childs hands so they can gather candy with ease, and the foot covers have elastics to secure them under your kids shoes. The nose, eyes, and ears on the hood along with the stuffed tail on the back give the whole costume the finishing details it needs. We know your child will have a great time sneaking around in this cozy jumpsuit!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Children’s Plush Fox Costume

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