Child Sonic 2 Tails Deluxe Costume

The Greatest Best BudEveryone needs a best friend. You know, someone that really gets you. Someone who can share the good times and the bad times. Someone who understands your unique sense of humor. Someone who can help you destroy a legion of Dr. Robotnik’s evil robots that intend on using Chaos Emeralds for evil! You know, normal friend stuff…Okay, okay. So, maybe only a few best friends can check off that last item on the list… but Miles “Tail” Prower totally is that kind of best friend. If your child has been working on their best friend skills, then this fox with an attitude is the perfect role model for them, and this Sonix 2 Deluxe Tails Costume is an easy way for them to roleplay as the ultimate best friend. It’s officially licensed from the Sonic movies and officially awesome!
Product Details
This Tails costume for kids is a young gamer’s dream! It recreates the iconic character in a simple outfit that’s easy to wear. The costume comes with orange-yellow jumpsuit with a white chest and white accents on the wrists and ankles. The dual tails in the back give your child Miles Prower’s signature “tails” that he uses to fly like a helicopter. Of course, these plush tails are just for decoration and won’t give your child the ability to fly. (Trust us, we tested it out.) The pant lets end in shoe covers that are designed to fit over most pairs of shoes, so your child can wear their most comfortable pair of kicks when they dress up! The character hood has some of Tails’ features on top, including his cartoonish eyes and a pair of ears on top. It all comes together for a great look for any fan of the Sonic games and movies!

Brand: Disguise Limited

Gender: Boys

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Orange & Red & White

Material: Polyester

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Child Sonic 2 Tails Deluxe Costume