Child Reese’s Mini Cup Costume

Bit-Sized Is BestSometimes being a little kid can be hard. You aren’t allowed to go out on your own, make your own choices, or set your own bedtime. (By the way, how great would it be if someone came along and told you it was nap time in the middle of your workday?) But sometimes, being a mini person is pretty awesome. The world is bigger and more amazing. You get to crawl through tubes in playgrounds that are designed for people that are your size. Hide and seek is awesome as you can fit into unexpected places, like under the coats in the entryway. You get to eat free at restaurants because no one expects you to have an appetite even if you’re a good eater.Yeah, being a kid is pretty rad when you think about it. This Halloween, celebrate your kid’s bite-sized stature by dressing them up in this delightful Reese’s cup outfit. After all, aren’t those single bite-sized cups the best?

Product Details
This shiny Reese’s Mini Cup costume is not only adorable, but it’s also appetizing! Everyone will know what this trick-or-treater wants when they’re making the neighborhood rounds. The tunic goes over your kid’s head with armholes on the sides to let your kid move with ease. The Reese’s logo is printed on the front so that people will instantly recognize their favorite bite-sized candy! In The BagDo you have a whole group of kids to dress up this Halloween? Check out the rest of our candy costumes so that you can escort the sweetest group of trick-or-treaters around the neighborhood this year! While there might be times when your kiddos feel like childhood is hard, these costumes will make it easy to remind them that sometimes, it’s better to be fun-sized!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 06-Apr

Color: Orange

Material: Polyester Foam


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Child Reese’s Mini Cup Costume

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