Child Powers Boys Blanket Sleeper

Friend IndeedZipping along in your crib, all you can see is the shiny, metallic head of the Mandalorian who is taking care of you. You can deal with all these issues yourself, of course, but it is so much easier to have someone with so much energy and capability handle them instead. Gives you more time to sleep!Still, you are glad that he took you in. You are only 50 after all, so you shouldn’t be expected to take care of yourself. Maybe when you turn 100 you will think about moving out and getting your own place, but until then, Mando is going to do just fine.
Product Details
Sleeping through your favorite show was never more comfortable than it will be in this Boys Child Powers Blanket Sleeper! Enjoy the many cute faces of Grogu that are artfully printed onto this large, luxurious jumpsuit. The polyester fleece is super soft and cozy, which should be enough to make any Grogu fan happy. Your child will love the way this comfy jumpsuit feels in all their treks across the stars. Just make sure you watch out for any bounty hunters who would want to turn them in for the bounty!

Brand: AME Sleepwear

Gender: Boys

Size: 4

Color: Green & Black & White

Material: Polyester

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Child Powers Boys Blanket Sleeper